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Max Supply: 5,000,000
$SHARDS on Cardano: ea153b5d4864af15a1079a94a0e2486d6376fa28aafad272d15b243a (https://cardanoscan.io/tokenPolicy/ea153b5d4864af15a1079a94a0e2486d6376fa28aafad272d15b243a)

$SHARDS on Polygon: 0xe156987a81a9b841c1def6f111ea69bf817fb272 (https://polygonscan.com/token/0xe156987a81a9b841c1def6f111ea69bf817fb272)

$SHARDS on Avalanche: 0xb1f19e492401545c1b060c4b18688f9178325b4d (https://snowtrace.io/token/0xb1f19e492401545c1b060c4b18688f9178325b4d)


1. Governance Voting

2. Crafting Material

3. Access to Exclusive Products, Events, and Areas

4. Daily/Weekly Quests Rewards

5. Skill-Based Rewards

6. Time-Locked Mechanics

7. Decay Mechanisms

8. Stake on Skill

9. Skill Multipliers

10. Leaderboard Incentives

11. Sponsorship & Patronage

12. Community Pools

13. Skill Development

Tokenomics Of Shards

Token Supply and Distribution

Maximum Supply: 5,000,000 $SHARDS

Policy ID Lock Date will be 2.4.24, after which additional $SHARDS tokens cannot be minted.

$SHARDS Distribution Summary:

1. Airdrops: 500,000 $SHARDS / 10%

Purpose: Reward early adopters and holders of FPS NFTs.

Mechanism: Distributed through a series of airdrops to NFT holders, recognizing their early support.

An airdrop of 262,500 $SHARDS was previously airdropped on August 10, 2023 to holders of Flux Point Team Passes (Cardano Policy ID 0889a2d542897f0c7eefed47d2d809bd8d8ec78881bd4ff9464f683a) which accounts for 52.5% of this total allocation.

2. Liquidity & Staking Rewards: 750,000 $SHARDS / 15%

Objective: Enhance liquidity and incentivize staking

Application: Used in liquidity pools and as staking rewards, promoting long-term holding

3. FPS Team Allocation: 350,000 $SHARDS / 7%

Intended for: The core team behind Flux Point Studios

Distribution: 10,000 $SHARDS is unlocked every month for 35 months from token launch. This vesting schedule aligns to encourage the long-term success of the project.

4. FPS Treasury: 750,000 $SHARDS / 15%

Function: Fund operational expenses, future development, digital marketing, promotional events, partnerships, and strategic initiatives.

Management: Ensures sustainable growth and innovation.

5. Private Investors: 500,000 $SHARDS / 10%

Role: Support the project through capital investment / sales with lock-up.

Allocation: Supports development, marketing, and user acquisition.

Subject to Lockup and Delivery timelines

6. GameFi Incentives & Rewards: 2,150,000 $SHARDS / 43%

Purpose: Incentivize user engagement in the ecosystem.

Usage: In-game rewards and GameFi incentives using advanced GameFi features and tools.

Reward users for completing specific actions, participating in events, or achieving certain ranks in the game. The process is automated and fully integrated into the gaming experience, offering instant and exciting rewards.

$SHARDS In-game Circulation Chart

Game Circluation image